Rescuing Lost Classics Of Victorian Literature

The Victorian era brought great change to the United Kingdom and the world, and it was a time when the arts flourished. Writers such as Charles Dickens, Charlotte Brontë, George Eliot, William Makepeace Thackeray and more created literary masterpieces which are still read and loved across the world today, but there were many other brilliant writers whose work lies neglected and forgotten.

Writers such as Charlotte Gore, Julia Kavanagh and Jean Ingelow were hugely popular in the nineteenth century, and yet their works are now unavailable, or only available in scanned editions which are hard to read and often error-strewn. Hanover Press believe that these writers and their works deserve better, so we’re rescuing and republishing some of these lost classics of Victorian literature. Hanover Press books will include an authentic, correct and easy to read text, along with an introduction, images and appendices which reveal more about the writers and the world they lived in. Above all, Hanover Press books are great reads, so why not discover a new Victorian author today?